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  • What’s the difference between the centertec Party Packages?
    • Virtual Reality Parties include one-hour VR play time for a designated number of stations before time in the Party Zone for pizza and drinks
    • Minecraft Parties include 90 minutes of Minecraft Party activities (both in Virtual Reality and the real world) for a designated number of participants before time in the Party Zone for pizza and drinks with themed accessories.
    • Robot Building Parties include 90 minutes of robot creation with guided instruction before time in the Party Zone for pizza and drinks with themed accessories.
  • What’s the difference between the Junior, Standard, and Premium Packages?
    • Junior Parties are for 6 participants and include one cheese pizza, one 2L drink, and six cupcakes during 30 min in the Party Zone.
    • Standard Parties are for 10 participants and include two cheese pizzas & two 2L drinks during 30 min in the Party Zone. The Guest of Honor also gets a one-month Standard VR Membership!
    • Premium Parties are for 15 participants and include four cheese pizzas & four 2L drinks during 45 min in the Party Zone. The Guest of Honor also gets a one-month VIP VR Membership!
  • What’s included when I book a centertec Party?
    • A PDF invitation
    • Full use of your Party Zone during your booked time
    • Party Zone set up (and clean up)
    • Dedicated Party Host
    • 15 minutes set up/ explanations
    • 60-90 minutes of activities (varies depending on Package Type)
    • 30+ minutes in the Party Zone for food (varies depending on Package Size)
    • Pizza, drinks, table covers, and paper products (plates, cups, napkins)
    • Candles, lighter, and cake cutter
    • One centertec Tshirt for the Guest of Honor
  • What’s the recommended ages for centertec Parties?

    Virtual Reality Parties are suited for ages 7+; Minecraft Parties for ages 6+; and Robot Building Parties can be enjoyed by kids as young as 5.

  • Are siblings included in the guest count?

    Any guest who is actively participating is included. Younger siblings who are present (but not participating) will not be counted.

  • Are parents able to attend the party?

    Yes, parents can attend the party at no additional charge. At least one parent is required to be on the premises at all times for the supervision of all party guests.

  • What games are available during Virtual Reality Parties?

    Guests have access to the over 50 VR experiences in our collection. They can play the same game as a friend or do their own experience. Your Party Host will provide age-appropriate recommendations based on the Guest of Honor’s interests. Please feel free to check out our Game Selection if you’d like to help in the recommendation process. Also, the Guest of Honor gets access to our “Member Exclusive” experiences during their party!

  • What Minecraft activities are included in the Minecraft Parties?

    Your Party Host will provide solo or team-based challenges to complete in VR or normal Minecraft (such as death matches, construct a zoo, design your dream house, etc.) and hands-on activities as well (like creating Gollum or Ghast masks, Pin the Tail on the Ender Dragon, creating Creeper bracelets, using Perler beads to make Minecraft characters). Specialty paper products and decorations complete the Minecraft theme!

  • What types of robots are available for Robot Parties?

    After scheduling, our Party Planning Expert will reach out with the available robot types for your recommended age group. All party guests will build the SAME robot. Your Party Host will provide instruction and guide the group through the building & decorating processes.

  • Do the children get to keep the robots they build?

    Yes, children will keep their robots (and get a carrier box) – it’s the ultimate party favor!

  • Is there a place set aside for the parents to socialize?

    Yes, parents can either stay in the party room or move about the retail and VR game areas of the store, occupancy permitting.

  • Can I add extra participants?

    Absolutely! Just talk with our Party Planning Experts about possible add-ons for the best party ever.

  • Can I get extra pizza or drinks?

    We’ve got you covered! Extra pizza or drinks can be added to your package when booking, or as late as the start of the party.

  • Can we bring our own food?

    Yes, you can bring your own food. We provide service space, we have a refrigerator, too; but, we do not have a kitchen area with a freezer.

  • Can I arrive early to set up?

    Your Party Zone is available 15 minutes before your designated party starting time. We will help you set up while your guests arrive if you’ve brought additional decorations. We do our best to have your Party Zone available earlier but cannot make guarantees.

  • What’s the latest date I can book a centertec Party?

    It is recommended that every party should be reserved at least 2 weeks in advance to ensure availability.

  • What is required for the reservation?

    We ask for a 50% deposit towards the party package you schedule in order to hold your preferred day and time. If you’re unsure about the player count, it’s usually best to start with a smaller package & upgrade later.

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    We require one week notice for cancellation of any party. Any booking cancelled with greater notice than one week will be reimbursed their full deposit. Cancellations between one week and 24 hours will be reimbursed their deposit minus a $50 booking fee. Reservations cancelled without 24-hour notice will be responsible for the original total cost.

  • What is your rescheduling policy?

    Reschedules include date, time, and/or number of participants and are permitted with at least 24-hour notice. Any reservation rescheduled with at least 24-hour notice will have the original deposit applied.

  • What should I do if there are more or less guests coming than the number of participants in my reservation?

    Please email or call us at least 24 hours before your party if you plan to modify the number of guests attending. If the notification is less than 24 hours, we cannot guarantee space for all your additional last-minute guests. If some of your guests don’t make it to the party or more guests come than included in your original reservation, the remainder will be adjusted depending on those accommodated.

  • Is the store open to the public during the party?

    Yes, we are open to the public during the party. We may have other parties or workshop activities going on during your party time. Please contact us if you wish to book a closed-door private party. Email us at info@centertec.com

  • Do you host parties for adults?

    All the time! Please email us your request at info@centertec.com

  • Do you host off-site parties or events?

    Please email us at info@centertec.com if you would like to have a party or event off-site to discuss with our Party Planning Experts.

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